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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Every factory floor is different and the arrangement and needs of compressed air applications are a part of that diversity. You may have equipment that requires additional pressure only at certain times or a sensitive end use that may require less than the system is providing. The good news is that there are plenty of … Continue reading Getting System Pressure Right

Any leaks in a compressed air system can result in not only loss of pressure and flow but also an unnecessary use of energy. A single quarter inch leak can end up costing in excess of ten thousand dollars a year. Needless to say, a thorough program for the finding and prevention of air leaks … Continue reading Ending Compressed Air Leaks

The best method for ensuring proper maintenance is keeping a record of your compressed air system’s performance. Checking regularly for important aspects of the system and then keeping a log of those factors will give you an idea of when a system is running properly and when it’s not. It can also give you insights … Continue reading Data You Should Be Collecting

The first key to keeping a factory floor’s compressed air equipment at peak efficiency is ensuring the system is working the way it should be. In order to do that measurements need to be taken and analyses need to be made by someone experienced with compressor system maintenance and servicing. When measuring system quality the … Continue reading Measuring Pressure and Flow


C.E.D. Compressed Air is a platinum distributor for Atlas Copco and takes advantage of the size and the depth of its product line and 140 year history. Atlas Copco is equipped with a modern research and development department. Atlas Copco is a leading edge company that sets the bar for all other manufacturers.

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