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Oxygen and Nitrogen Generators

C.E.D. Compressed Air understands the need of many industrial applications for gasses like nitrogen and oxygen. That is why we partner with trusted manufacturers like industry leader Atlas Copco to bring our clients a range of nitrogen and oxygen generators that are offered either as part of packed units with air compressors or as standalone units. For improved efficiency, it is highly recommended that you generate your own nitrogen supply on site using our selection of generators. Most applications require high purity level of over 95%, which is achieved by Atlas Copco’s Membrane and PSA (Pressure Swing Absorption) technologies.

PSA Nitrogen Generators (NGP Series)
Atlas Copco uses state-of-the-art Pressure Swing Absorption technology to separate nitrogen molecules from the others in compressed air. When that happens, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water vapour, along with other gasses are absorbed. The NGP series offers us a cost-efficient solution for generating nitrogen to be used in various industries like food and beverage, electronics, metal processing, and a lot more.

PSA Oxygen Generators (OGP Series)
Like how Atlas Copco uses its PSA technology to generate nitrogen, it uses the same innovation in their oxygen generators to isolate oxygen molecules from other molecules. Industries like waste water treatment, health care, ozone production, and glass industry, among others benefit from our oxygen generators. The device can be set up to meet your specific requirement for the purity level.

Some of the incredible benefits of the NGP and OGP series include low installation and running cost as they are virtually service-free, ease of set up with a plug and play feature and no specialist for installation needed, continuous availability without a risk of production breakdown due to gas running out, high flow capacity ideal for most applications, and of course the ability to reach the desired purity for your nitrogen and oxygen supplies.

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