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Innovative Oil Flooded Air Compressors

The world’s leader in compressed air system technology, Atlas Copco brings you a line-up of compressors that will match your specific requirements. Along with a reliable performance only the industry’s top compressor manufacturer can deliver, our clients are also offered an unbelievably low cost of ownership for these oil-injected screw compressors.

GA 15-26
Atlas Copco’s tank-mounted GA compressors are ready to supply high-quality air while keeping your production running smoothly. It boasts of features like its robust motor, integrated dryer, and high tech oil vessel. You would also like how easy this compressor is installed, using a simple plug-and-play solution. The GA 15-26 makes use of state of the art monitoring system through Ethernet connection which shows service and warning indications, error detection, and even compressor shutdown. An optional Elektronikon graphic controller is also available for enhanced remote monitoring features.

GA 11+-30
The industrial compressors that belong in the GA 11+-30’s capacity in delivering the best air quality is the highest in the industry. That is partnered with the lowest operating costs and extensive monitoring solutions. Aside from a reliable motor, its electrical cubicle reduces temperature and therefore doubles the lifetime of its electrical components. There is also an optional energy recovery system and fan saver cycle that can help reduce energy consumption. Its integrated dryer can be paired with optional DD and PD filters for an oil-carry over as low as 0.01 ppm.

GA 15-37 VSD+
Atlas Copco’s GA 15-37 VSD+ is a true game changer in the compressor industry. It uses the IPM or Interior Permanent Magnet motor that is designed for optimal cooling by oil. It doesn’t require cooling air flow, and its oil-lubricated motor bearing means there is no need for re-greasing, increasing your uptime. It also makes use of an innovative fan based on the newest technologies. Its sentinel inlet valve ensures no blow off losses and no maintenance needed. Like the first two, the GA 15-37 VSD+ also comes with the Elektronikon controller for easier monitoring, scheduling and status visualization.
Atlas Copco’s VSD or Variable Speed Drive technology automatically adjusts the motor speed to match the air demand. Working with the innovative Interior Permanent Magnet, the result is an average of 50% on energy savings and about 37% cut in the lifecycle cost of your compressor.

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