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C.E.D.’s Choice for Breathing Air Systems

It is a known fact that the air coming from air compressors contains high levels of various contaminants like carbon monoxide, making it unsafe and unbreathable. People exposed in industrial processes are also exposed to respiratory hazards that may also prove to be fatal in time.

C.E.D. offers you our choice for the best breathing air purifiers- one that can convert compressed air into breathable air by reducing the concentrations of harmful contaminants in it. We know that as important as compressed air is for your end products, the health and lives of your people are of high importance too.

Del-Monox Breathing Air Purifiers
Since 1966, when Deltech introduced its first contaminant removing system, the industry has trusted and respected this brand. Their designs have progressed to include the latest technologies in filtration and dehydration over the years.

Del-Monox purifiers are made to reduce the concentration of various contaminants in compressed air to make it safe for breathing. Examples of contaminants are dirt, water, oil, dust, and dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. It supplies air that meets the Canadian Standards Association and the OSHA Grade D’s maximum allowable contaminant levels for compressed breathing air by using a catalytic converter to turn carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide. Del-Monox units also employ dehydration techniques to protect the catalytic converter from moisture.

Some industries and operations that require supplied air respiratory protection are industrial manufacturing, medical and laboratory applications, chemical processing, sandblasting, spray painting, tank cleaning, asbestos abatement, gas line repair, and hazardous waste handling among others.

Because it is essential to monitor breathing are systems for proper operation, it is also recommended to make use of the Series 1000 carbon monoxide monitor. It can be installed on a Del-Monox purifier as an option, or as a standalone device. It is designed for a fuss-free use and maintenance.

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