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Air Dryers

Air dryers are essential for a variety of industrial applications. Moisture in untreated air can easily cause damage and failure of your equipment, as well as corrode your pipe work. To protect your compressed air system, you must have only the top air dryers available in the market. C.E.D. Compressed Air, as an authorized distributor of Atlas Copco, brings you the industry’s line of best performing air dryers that are both reliable and cost-effective. Refrigerant Air Dryers (FD Series)

Atlas Copco’s FD Refrigerant dryers incorporate direct expansion technology with Variable Speed, cycling, and non-cycling variants in its range. This series provides clean, dry air that you need if you want to expand the life of your equipment and be assured of the high quality of your end product. As it keeps production in your plant up and running, it cuts down your carbon footprint and reduces your costs.

Desiccant Air Dryers (CD+ Series, BD+ Series, XD+ Series)
Atlas Copco’s desiccant dryers’ robust designs deliver a stable dewpoint even in full load or temporary overload conditions. They produce much needed high quality dry compressed air for electronics, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, and food and beverage productions. They also come with an advanced control and monitoring system to ensure efficiency. Atlas Copco’s desiccant dryers minimize pressure drops that translates to saved energy and reduced operating costs. Parts like base, heads, panels, and valves are corrosion-protected to increase dryer lifetime too. You can also opt to have the optional dewpoint dependent switching which means the dryer will switch to the next tower only when the desiccant is saturated. The drying towers have built-in water separator to reduce load and extend drying cycle.

SD Membrane Dryers
Low quality air increases the risk of corrosion in your compressed air system, lowering the life span of your air tools and production equipment. SD Membrane dryers from Atlas Copco can help you avoid all that. This series is known to perform even in the harshest and most critical conditions. Because they come with various types of membranes, each having its own range of performance, you are sure to get the exact air treatment that you require.

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