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Case Study General Printers

“Not All Compressed Air is Created Equally”

A high quality printing company, General Printers of Oshawa had purchased a new piece of high tech equipment, a Heidelberg Suprasetter 106 computer to plate image setter. C.E.D. Compressed Air Inc. was asked to design an installation of the compressed air supply to this machine. Given the age of the building and the existing compressed air system and after asking the plant machine operators about their compressed air quality, it was determined that the existing compressed air was not of sufficiently good quality to connect it to this new and very expensive Heidelberg machine.

We were told by General Printers and by Heidelberg that “This is a very expensive machine that has many sensitive pneumatics that can be costly to repair” C.E.D. Compressed Air Inc. designed and installed a “Point Of Use” compressed air treatment system dedicated to this new machine but supplied from the existing compressed air system. The Heidelberg installation team were very pleased with the unexpected high quality of compressed air being supplied allowing for General printers too have good peace of mind with their new investment.

Six months after the installation was completed Heidelberg technicians re-visited the plant for a scheduled follow up maintenance and again commented on how there were zero compressed air contaminants, no moisture and that there was no need to service or replace any pneumatic components. General Printers have now had us looking at other problem compressed air areas in the plant and are working with us to improve compressed air quality throughout.


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