Depending on the nature of your business, there may be several reasons you need to look into having an air compressor installed. Air compressor installation can help to improve the efficiency of your manufacturing plant or industrial operation. The one factor many overlook before installation is the amount of sound their compressor will produce. 

While it may seem insignificant when shopping around, it can contribute to a chaotic workplace over time. Keep reading to learn why you should consider noise carefully before deciding on a model. 

Occupational Noise is Hazardous 

Manufacturing businesses must protect their employees with noise-reduction equipment to prevent possible hearing loss. Loud, excessive occupational noise can lead to changes in the human ear structure and “ringing” noises. 

Another reason why this is a concern is that it could cause accidents on the production line if employees cannot hear each other, leading to serious injuries.

Noisy Workplaces are a Risk 

Your employees’ safety is your first priority, but your entire operation can be just as important in the long term. If the plant floor is loud, it leaves room for missed communication between anyone working on the floor and potentially leads to actual financial losses. In addition, the equipment can be easily damaged with tell-tale sounds covered by the noise and malfunctions may not be picked up on. 

Loud Noises Contribute to Poor Health 

While hearing loss is detrimental in itself, the other effects of poor noise reduction equipment are that it can also create many different health conditions and ailments. From hypertension to reduced mental health and even panic attacks, these are reasons enough to invest in machinery that keeps your team safe in more ways than one. 

There are two distinct factors, which can contribute negatively to the overall sound produced by your air compressor, namely where your compressor is installed and its size. Experts, such as our CED Compressed Air Inc. team, can best advise you on ideal placement positions for your Compressed Air System, and can also supply equipment and additives that will help keep the noise levels down.  

Additionally, we can assist by ensuring you purchase appropriately sized equipment for your facility. This will improve the efficiency with which your production line operates. 

To learn more about our Air Compressor Installation services and browse our models, contact us at CED Compressed Air Inc. today. 

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