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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Air compressors are a crucial part of many industrial businesses – helping manufacturing, finishing, and laboratory processes in essential ways.  As critical as they are, air compressors do have some fairly significant drawbacks, specifically in terms of energy usage.  It’s estimated that compressed air by itself uses about ten percent of all industrial electricity and … Continue reading Why you Need an Air Energy Audit

The internet has been revolutionary, bringing instantaneous communication, new forms of media distribution, and adorable cat videos to the masses.  It has also found numerous applications in industry as well.   The newest cutting edge technology in the field of air compressor systems is offsite monitoring, which allows unprecedented data accumulation and control – providing optimum … Continue reading The Importance of Offsite Monitoring

All critical processes in any factories or industrial facilities need to be protected from catastrophic failure.  Losing any of those processes, including compressed air, results in downtime, lost production, and additional costs related to cleanup and repair.   The easiest and best way to prevent losses from equipment failure is to engage in a proactive approach … Continue reading Sustaining the Flow – The Importance of Preventative Maintenance

There are many instances where breathing air purifiers are needed to protect employees.  These include chemical processing, hazardous waste handling, laboratory applications, sandblasting, spray painting, and more.  Regardless of situation, it’s important to remember that breath is life – there is nothing more immediately essential to our ongoing existence than having air to breathe.  When … Continue reading Breathe Easier – The Necessity of Breathing Air Systems


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