As a business owner, you understand the value and role that equipment plays in your day-to-day operations. It keeps you running, creates highly efficient workflows, and aids in optimizing your end products. That’s why it is so important to maintain your air compressor dryers and such for long-term use that you can count on.

Regular servicing and maintenance not only improve the functionality of your equipment but also reduce the risk of mechanical failures due to negligence. But with a busy business and meeting consumer demand, it may not be at the top of your to-do list.

With this in mind, we have compiled 3 signs to look out for that indicate your equipment is in need of an expert hand and immediate service.

Poor Performance

Over time, equipment in general will start to age, even with the most stringent maintenance routine. But when you have installed a relatively new air compressor dryer on the production floor and it has lower efficiency rates than expected, there could be a problem. Not only will this affect moisture within the work site, but it can also result in lower-quality output. 

Visible Concerns

A key issue that can impact businesses across sectors is the buildup of rust. Particularly in production facilities, it not only indicates serious deterioration but can also affect the quality of products and your employees’ safety. Rust is the direct result of high levels of moisture in the air, which indicates that your dryer is not functioning as it should.

Increased Downtime

If you notice your equipment keeps stalling due to moisture levels and airflow, it can be related to a poorly functioning dryer. There are several ways it can impact your business, resulting in low output, bad-quality products, and eventually a loss in sales. With inconsistent running, your dryer can cause all of this.

There are no shortcuts to servicing; it is not a simple job that you can do yourself with the guidance of a tutorial you watched online. It is imperative to rely on the experts who work in this industry. Therefore, scheduling your recommended services and calling us out in emergencies are important parts of maintaining your air compressor dryers effectively. 

At CED Compressor Air, we can advise you on how frequently your equipment needs to be checked, what simple inspections you can do for yourself, and alert you to potential problems that may arise.

Call us today to find out more about our service options for your air compressor dryers, and other similar equipment.