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What You Should NEVER Do When Buying Hoses, Tubing, and Quick Disconnect Couplings

Hoses and tubing are very important in a compressed air system. These hoses and tubing, together with their disconnect couplings are used between pipes and compressor or end use application. However, because they just make up a small part of the system, not everyone gives them much attention. But choosing the wrong hoses, tubing and quick disconnect coupling results to troubles like pressure loss at end use and eventually, production losses.

To avoid these hassles, here are some things that you should refrain from doing when buying these parts for your compressor:


  1. Buying Hoses That are Too Long


While you can buy hosing in standard lengths, they can still be too long. What one does not often realize is that the length of hosing can actually cause pressure losses in a system. So if a hosing is too long, it should be shortened to prevent pressure drops. You should also avoid using hosing over very long distances. If distance can’t be helped, then it’s better to use pipe or metal tubing.



  1. Purchasing Plastic Tubing and Fittings


Never get tubing and fittings made of plastic because they can easily be corroded by cooled air or air that is improperly filtered. You can choose from materials like brass, copper, aluminum, and stainless steel as alternative. These materials can be bent to fit your system as well as restrictive space. They are also more permanent and a lot safer than plastic. Hoses are usually made of rubber because it is more convenient, but it’s not as durable as metal.



  1. Getting wrong measurement references.


Hoses, similar to piping, are measured by their inside diameter. You should find a hose that is one size bigger than your port to avoid pressure drops. Tubing, on the other hand is measured by the outside diameter. It is vital that you get precise measurement references so you can select the appropriately-sized hoses and tubing for your compressed system. This will ultimately reduce pressure drops as well.


  1. Choosing Products Based on Initial Costs.


Do not buy parts just because of their lower initial costs. It may seem convenient that you would have to pay a lot less now. However, consider the unforeseen impacts of this in the future. Like any other products with a lot to choose from, low quality materials usually cost cheaper than high quality ones. While you might save some now, think of the extra repair costs or perhaps another purchase because the one you got just won’t work right.



These are some of things that you should NEVER do when choosing hosing, tubing, and quick disconnect couplings. Keep these in mind and you’ll be able to make good judgment when making your purchase.

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