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What You Should Look for In a Service Provider

When it comes to installation, service, and maintenance of your industrial air compressor system you’ll have to make some decisions. If you have or are planning a large-scale system you will need to decide whether to go in-house or get an outside company to assist with maintenance. For smaller companies going with a provider is usually the more cost-effective option so you’ll need to pick a service provider with experience and a strong background in best practices. Here’s some advice that can help.

General Tips

Find out if they’re qualified and trained properly – and remember that quality technicians won’t come at a bargain price. Inquire about which technicians are experienced with specific systems and who will arrive on regular maintenance calls versus emergencies. Discuss the provider’s company standards on performance and technician professionalism and see what other services they may offer. Do they install? Can they answer emergency calls adequately? Are they compliant with all regulations? Once you have your answers you’ll be able to make the right choice.

In-House vs. Contractor Maintenance

For those considering using in-house personnel to monitor and maintain compressor systems there are definite advantages. Your own personnel will learn the ins and outs of your system and you won’t have to worry about setting aside specific times for maintenance since you’ll be able to do it when most convenient for you. Disadvantages for in-house maintenance include problems like an employee not reporting for work that day or an issue they cannot fix – so that an expert may need to be called in regardless. A contractor usually comes in on a schedule but will generally have a higher knowledge base and more experience with different components. Expense-wise a contractor comes with a fixed cost for routine maintenance where an in-house technician will need to be paid a salary.

In general terms, even if you go with an in-house maintenance staff it’s still wise to keep an outside company on call in case additional work needs to be done. If your air compressor system needs regular servicing, emergency maintenance, or a complete air energy audit, contact the experts at CED for more information today.

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