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What Air Hose are You Using?

When you purchase your air compressor you also get an air hose with it. But what type of air hose did you get, and more importantly, is that the kind of air hose you want to use with your air compressor?


The answer actually depends on how much air hose problems you can tolerate. You need to consider what kind of work you are planning on doing with your compressor and the air hose itself, and of course, your budget. Is replacing your compressor’s air hose really worth it?


If you are using a typical air compressor, then you are probably working with a 25’ or 50’ hose. The air hose that you have received is also probably made of PVC composite.


Is that a problem?


In truth, there could be quite a few problems with a PVC air hose that comes with air compressor packages.

  • When you get your compressor, the first thing you should do is to check if the coupler and the connector are installed properly in the ends of your air hose. Are there quick clamp bands holding them in? If the connector and the coupler are not installed correctly, the coupler could be blown out of the hose when you use it with the air tool.
  • Cheap air hoses are not necessarily small. What you get with a standard compressor would either be ¼” or 3/8”, with the dimensions referring to the inside hole of the hose of course. While those dimensions are fine when you use the air hose with an air gun to blow off debris from your workstation, you might find that that won’t deliver sufficient amount of air for an air tool with a higher demand.
  • PVC hoses are brittle. This can be a problem if you live in an area where it gets really cold. If you see how bad it can get, leave it out in your garage during winter and try to unwind and use it after a day or two.


For these reasons and more, we think you should highly consider getting air hose made of high quality rubber – one that is still flexible and can withstand harsh elements, including extremely cold. You would also want larger hose that will surely deliver more air to your air tool in a much shorter time, too.


So what kind of air hose are you using? Is it performing the way you want it to?

Man holding a pneumatic air hose connector in his hand.

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