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The Other Costs of Compressed Air

Compressed air is a costly, but necessary, expense for most industrial businesses. The positives of greater operational capability and productivity outweigh the one-time and regular payments to install and maintain the system. The biggest cost by far is electricity, and energy use is so crucial its costs and how to reduce them will be covered in the next blog article. For this article, we’ll be discussing the other costs of compressed air. These additional costs should always be considered when preparing an estimate of expenses for your air compressor system.


The first expense of any compressor system is the cost of putting it in and getting it working in the first place. Compressors, coolers, dryers, and the entire pipe system need to be set up before any work can be done at all. Make sure to include end-use processes or equipment in estimates whether you’re getting a new system installed or expanding your current one.


Taking care of the system means having professionals capable of servicing and maintaining it and there are associated costs with either an in-house team or a contracted service provider. Additionally, maintenance will include replacement of filters, oiling of systems, any emergency maintenance due to leaks or system breakdowns, and proper environmental disposal of any hazardous materials. Additionally, any optional components like cooling towers or other specialized coolant systems will need to be both maintained and have any relevant waste products treated properly.


Compressors, end-use equipment, connectors, and other components may need to be replaced after being used for prolonged periods. Estimate costs based on likelihood of failure according to manufacturer specifications. These estimated costs can be amortized annually instead of hitting your books in full once the piece of equipment actually fails.

Production Interruption Costs

Some of the bigger underestimated costs are those associated with lost productivity should the system go down. Talk to technicians and experts on your operations to attempt to gauge those costs.

The additional costs of compressed air can be numerous but with an excellent service and maintenance plan these expenses can be minimized. If you’re looking for experienced and qualified service providers who can maintain your systems and estimate your total costs, contact us at CED today.

Costs of Compressed Air

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