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The Importance of Offsite Monitoring


The internet has been revolutionary, bringing instantaneous communication, new forms of media distribution, and adorable cat videos to the masses.  It has also found numerous applications in industry as well.   The newest cutting edge technology in the field of air compressor systems is offsite monitoring, which allows unprecedented data accumulation and control – providing optimum performance for all air compression processes.

A single central controller device offers a singular point of control for your entire compressed air network, resulting in a dependable and energy efficient system.   This device enables an offsite facility to monitor percentage of compressor usage by volume as well as energy usage, enabling experts in air compression to identify potential points of greater efficiency and cost reduction.

Since the monitoring is real time, it can immediately identify and trouble shoot issues or potential breakdowns.   In addition it will make clear when service should be performed – this means maintenance is no longer a re-active process precipitated by an unforeseen difficulty requiring intervention from a service technician.  With the data accumulated by offsite monitoring potential problems can be predicted and proactive measures can be taken to ensure minimal loss of uptime or productivity.

When it comes to information on systems critical to your business, the more data you have the better.   Protect yourself with a proactive approach with offsite monitoring.  If you’re interested in taking a leap into the modern world CED Compressed Air can help.  We offer full-service offsite monitoring with the latest in SMARTLINK technology.   Contact us today.

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