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The Benefits of a Centrifugal Compressor

There are three types of compressors: rotary scroll, reciprocating and centrifugal (or dynamic). Unlike rotary and reciprocating air compressors, a centrifugal air compressor is a dynamic system. It increases air pressure using impellers (rotating disks) as well as a diffuser to convert velocity energy to pressure energy. It is important to make sure that when choosing an air compressor, you pick the one that is powerful enough to meet your needs or those in your business.


Progressive Stages of Air Compression

Progressive stages are used to increase the pressurization of the air to the desired level, driven by an electric motor or a steam or gas turbine. The air being compressed stays cooler because of the stages of air compression. This type of air compressor is more efficient, both mechanically and in terms of the energy being used.

Built to Last

This type of compressor usually operates at a high minimum speed. It is capable of running continuously for longer periods of time. You would often see this type of compressor in automobiles, manufacturing plants, as well as in gas, oil and refining industries.


Centrifugal air compressor systems are better used for industrial settings, as they produce a constant flow of high-pressured air, meeting high demands. The rotating impeller system means that centrifugal air compressors are able to provide continuous air flow.


Another benefit of a centrifugal air compressor is that it provides oil-free compressed air. The parts of this type of air compressor don’t easily wear out, so the maintenance is low as well. . It has the ability to produce oil-free air for sensitive processes and applications such as the food and beverage industry, as well as pharmaceutical industry.



Simple Design

It also comes with simple design. It also comes in with large flow rates and often very compact as well. Despite it being relatively expensive than other types of compressors, it definitely gives you a run for your money. The cost is usually compensated for by their long and equally low-maintenance life.


If you are looking for a compressor that would give you an oil-free process, and a quality that is meant to last longer than you expected, don’t hesitate to spend extra on this type of compressor. Just think that though you would spend a few extra bucks, you would not worry so much about its maintenance and you will also eliminate the risk of contamination.

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