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Spring Cleaning Projects with Compressed Air Systems

Compressed air systems are mighty and handy tools to have around. Whether you are into carpentry or auto repair, there is nothing like having an air compressed system at hand to help you with your many projects.
Compressed air systems are very powerful tools. Any sort of mishandling can lead to injuries and accidents.  When considering using an air compressed system for your different projects, make sure to know all the precautionary measures to take and have all the right safety tools at hand – every single time.
With that being said, air compressed systems can come in handy in different spring cleaning projects  – given you know how to use them. It should be known, though, that cleaning using an air compressed system is generally not allowed. Different jurisdictions have different laws regarding the use of air compressed systems for cleaning. Make sure to check local regulations before taking on any of these projects mentioned below.
⦁ Heavy duty machineries
Commercial manufacturing plants often use air compressors to clean out machineries. There are some regions that allow this for as long as the air pressure does not exceed 30 pounds per square inch (psi) under all conditions. Operators should also wear protective gears in order to prevent any contact with the skin or body.
⦁ The insides of your desktop
Many tech-enthusiast use air compressed systems to clean out the insides of their desktop computers. Fitted with the right nozzles, an air compressed system set at a low psi can get rid of deeply lodged dust without harming any of the intricate wiring.
This should be done with proper precaution. If you are not familiar with the inner workings of your desktop computer, we suggest you use canned air, instead.
⦁ Under your refrigerator and other hard to reach areas
If you are having a hard time reaching underneath your refrigerator, an air-compressed system will work wonders in getting rid of the deeply lodged dirt and dust. Make sure to be armed with a brush and a long nozzle to ensure you are within safe working distance to prevent any accidents or injuries.
⦁ Your home after a renovation
Your house can be filled with dirt and dust after a renovation. An air-compressed system can easily get rid of the dirt left behind when your vacuum cleaner fails to do the job.
Make sure to have the vent fan going; else you are just moving dust around the house.
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