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Simple Fixes for Common Air Compressor Problems

Industries that perform heavy duty work require durable and efficient air compressors. Ensuring that your air compressors are running properly can help you save money and business time.

There are different tell-tale signs that will let you know your air compressor is faulty. Recognizing and troubleshooting problems before they escalate can prevent you from having to spend a huge amount of money on repairs or even replacement. Fuses that often blow, oil in the discharge, and overheating are just a few of the most common problems you encounter with industrial air compressors. These problems tell you that your unit is going to need servicing real soon.

The abovementioned problems are usually easily fixed. For instance, too much oil consumption may be caused by clogged or defective filter or leaking oil lines. Replacing your filters can be a quick fix for your compressor concerns. Tightening bolts and replacing the system’s gasket can also fix the leaks of oil.

When fuses blow repeatedly, note the ampere rating of the unit to be sure that the right fuse is being used. If you are using the correct size and it is still blowing, it is possible that the motor is overloaded. That is a bigger problem that has to be taken care of. It is better to turn off the machine to avoid further damage.

Overheating may be caused by poor ventilation. Check the oil levels and blow out coolers to help prevent overheating issues. Oil discharge in the air that’s coming from the air compressor is another common concern. It could be an indication of improper installation of some parts or some faulty components. With regular maintenance checks, you can find and address these problems.

Once the air compressor is inspected, you will see if it is an easy fix or if it would require a professional. And if it’s the latter, you can always call C.E.D. Compressed Air to have it working well again. Remember that preventive maintenance is still the best way for you to avoid any air compressor problems and downtime in production.

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