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Signs Your Air Compressor Needs Repair

Air compressors are such high-powered tools that pack a punch, making it easy to forget about preventive maintenance. Although these tools are relatively high-powered, they still need maintenance from time to time. Remember, a well maintained air compressor is an optimally running air compressor.
Find out the biggest signs of damage and catch them before they cause irreversible problems in the future by reading the blog below.
⦁ Oil issues
Proper lubrication is crucial in keeping your air compressor running smoothly. But despite taking the proper precautionary measures, issues can still arise. Make sure to isolate the cause of the problem in order to find out what the best course of action is.
Make sure to find out the right air compressor oil for the model that you have. You can do this by referring to the manual. It is best to use the recommended air compressor oil because it may be crucial in keeping the gears working harmoniously together.
There might be a need for you to replenish the oil or lubricant from time to time. Make sure to consult the manual for accurate instructions on how to do so – as this varies from model to model.
⦁ There is no pressure coming out of the hose
This can be due to a number of reasons. The first thing you have to do is closely monitor the pressure switch. Unplug the motor and drain the tank. Ask someone to plug in the motor as you closely monitor the pressure switch for any activities that can tell you what is going on.
⦁ A blown fuse
A blown fuse can leave your air compressor unusable. Double check the in line wiring and make sure the breaker and fuse are all working properly.
A blown fuse should prompt you to call a professional who can do the proper replacement.
⦁ A thermal overload
Air compressors are no strangers to overheating. Are you constantly hearing a humming sound coming from the motor? If so, go ahead and check on the thermal overload button and perform a reset while the compressor is plugged in. If this solves the issue then it is safe to say your air compressor went on a thermal overload. If this did not solve the issue, time to call the pros.
These are only a few signs of damage you should watch out for if you want your air compressor to stand the test of time. Taking the right precautionary measures today can help you keep your tools running efficiently down the road.
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