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Moore’s Law tells us that computer processing speed doubles every 18 months.

This exponential rate of technology change affects each of us in our daily lives from our smart phones to our smart automobiles, the way we watch television to the way we do our banking.

The compressed air industry is not exempt from this rapid technology change and C.E.D. Compressed Air has made it our primary goal to embrace technical change that benefits our clients and understand technical change that affects our industry.

Our technical representatives in sales and service are continually learning the latest advancements in air compressor technology including Smart Link compressor monitoring systems, compressed air system design efficiency and the most modern maintenance practices.

We are excited to share this information with our clients in the most innovative ways such as the Atlas Copco Kiosk found here.


C.E.D. Compressed Air is a platinum distributor for Atlas Copco and takes advantage of the size and the depth of its product line and 140 year history. Atlas Copco is equipped with a modern research and development department. Atlas Copco is a leading edge company that sets the bar for all other manufacturers.

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on energy and utilities for future generations!

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