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Efficient Condensate Management for the Environment

We all know that great compressor delivers high quality compressed air. However, we also know that aside from compressed air, as a by-product, a large volume of condensate (an emulsified combination of oil and water) which poses a threat to the environment is produced. C.E.D. Compressed Air, with premium Atlas Copco’s technology can help treat and manage this condensate correctly.

Atlas Copco brings you a range of condensate separators to effectively separate the oil from the water, therefore providing a cost-efficient solution. Harmless water can be drained while the separated oil is disposed of in an environment-friendly way.

OSD Complete Condensate Management System
This condensate management system is integrated into the GA compressor. It removes the oil from the condensate as oil and water are separated through de-emulsification and gravitational separation. Benefits of an integrated solution include excellent performance that is independent of filter age, efficient condensate discharge separation, no installation requirement, minimal maintenance, and a simple and fast cartridge exchange.

OSC Advanced Technology
This new and extensive range makes use of patented technology to separate compressed air condensate. It involves a multi-stage separation process that makes use of buoyant oleophilic filters and activated carbon. This ensures long filter lifetime, trouble-free operation and superior performance. Because this unit doesn’t rely on gravitational separation, it is insensitive to vibrations, splashes, and shocks, making its performance more stable. Its discharge condensate contains very little residual oil to can easily be drained away with any potential damage to the environment.

The OSC service kit also includes inlet mufflers and diffusion filters. Specific kits are available for condensate with high oil content as well as those containing glycol or silicon based oils.

Atlas Copco through C.E.D. Compressed Air also offers a complete set of spare parts for all the machines in this range and options for operations in extreme climates and multiple installations.

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