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Maintenance of Non-Compressor Components

Outside of the compressors there are many components of a compressed air system that need to be properly maintained in order to keep up optimum efficiency.  The actual piping itself shouldn’t require much in the way of regular work since it is built to be permanent but it is important to inspect it somewhat regularly to identify any potential issues.  If you notice a drop in air pressure it may very well be due to a leak so a more thorough investigation may be appropriate.  In most cases however non-compressor maintenance will be chiefly due to the following components.

Drain Traps

Drain traps are necessary to remove moisture from the system and need to be cleared out regularly.  Most traps will be release any condensate automatically but even automatic traps need to be checked to ensure they are not stuck in the on or off position.  If left closed it will create condensate buildup and if left open it will create a significant drop in pressure which will lead to wasted energy.

Air Treatment Equipment

Badly maintained treatment equipment could result in increased energy consumption or particulates in the system that could cause damage.  As a result all filters should be kept clean and replaced as necessary.  Be sure to follow all manufacturer specifications for any aftercoolers, separators, and dryers.

End-Use Equipment

Filtration at point-of-use should also be replaced or cleaned regularly as well to make sure a clean and lubricated air supply reaches the end-use equipment or tool.  Regulators and lubricators should be checked to make sure the air supply is remaining consistent and a proper level of lubrication is reaching the components that need them – ensuring no worries about premature wear and tear.

Maintenance is important for any complex industrial system and compressed air systems are no different.  Still, if proper care is taken, you’ll have a reliable and energy-efficient system for years to come.  If your company needs someone to take a look at their maintenance or needs a brand new air compressor installation CED can help.  Contact us today.

Non-Compressor Components

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