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Levels of Compressed Air Analysis

Making sure your air compressor system is working optimally is crucial for keeping down costs and ensuring no lost productivity happens. The key to that is regular assessments of your system by experienced professionals. There are two types of assessments – basic and comprehensive – that will use a number of criteria to pinpoint problem spots and offer proactive solutions to head off any potential trouble.


While not as in-depth as a comprehensive audit even a basic analysis can result in significant reduction in energy and maintenance costs. A basic analysis will look for issues like: serious leaks, processes sensitive to incorrect pressure, instability, intermittent usage, inappropriate use, poor reliability, and many other problems. Using available data from gauges and other measurement systems, inefficiencies can be found and recommendations made that could improve efficiency by twenty-five percent or more.


A comprehensive analysis is also referred to as an air energy audit. It is a complete top-down examination built with the system operator’s goals in mind. Beyond simple cost reduction, an audit of this type is built around optimizing efficiency and reliability through proper management of the entire system. This means proper alignment of compressors, controls, dryers, filters and other supply components with piping and end use processes. This entire re-calibration is done to ensure both production needs and financial objectives are met.

An air energy audit will include a number of tasks including: establishment of a baseline, determination of current quality of operations, detailed measurements, creation of demand and pressure profiles, review of all peak-time capabilities, and a comprehensive written report of all findings with recommendations for improvements.

If your air compressor system needs an analysis of the basic type or a comprehensive air energy audit, CED can help. Contact us today and we’ll send over an expert technician who can inspect all of the critical workings of your system and help you maximize its efficiency while minimizing your costs.

Compressed Air Analysis

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