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Important Things to Know About your Air Compressor

So you have purchased your first air compressor. It’s only right that you want to make sure it’s something that you could use more than once. Understandably, you want to max out your investment. But how will you do that if you do not know anything about it? No need to worry, though. Here’s your ultimate guide to all the things you wanted to know about your air compressor.


As the types of air compressors vary, so do their features. Some of the most common features you’ll find are the oil-free pumps, multiple coupling options, adjustable exhaust venting, belt-drive systems, and thermal protections.


Another thing that you surely want to know about your compressor is the maintenance routine it requires. Some of the basic maintenance steps you can do include checking your pump oil level (unless it’s an oil-free unit) which is the most important maintenance check you can do. You need to change your compressor pump oil, too. You would need to check and replace your air filter if necessary. Other maintenance tasks that you need to do involve draining any water in the tank, listening for strange noises and vibrations, checking if there are air leaks and doing belt inspections. Then of course, to make sure everything is really working as it should, it is wise to have your air compressor serviced annually.


Lastly, you want to know and fully understand how to safely use your equipment. Although it may appear like a basic tool, it can still be quite dangerous if you use it improperly. Make sure you take time to read your manual thoroughly. Do not forget your eye and ear protection, more so if you are going to use it in an enclosed area. Never use it in wet areas. Remember to turn it off and disconnect it from the power source before doing any maintenance task. This also reduces the risk of a fire and other heat-related problem. Also, discharge the air if you are not planning to use your air compressor on a daily basis. Always check of there are any leaks every time you power it up.


Air compressors are now a necessity for most industries and even in households were DIY projects are done all the time. Knowing your air compressor well, its parts, and how it works can help you optimize its use and really get your investment’s worth.

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