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How to Properly Maintain Your Air Compressor

Air compressors are powerful machines that pack a whole lot of punch. But just because they are some of the most high-powered tools around doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a bit of TLC. Keeping up with the appropriate maintenance routine can help keep your air compressor withstand the test of time.
If you are not sure how you can properly maintain your air compressor, this blog entry is just for you. We have come up with tips to help you keep your air compressor running!
⦁ Cleaning
Cleaning your air compressor may not be that easy but is well worth it. Make sure to properly clean the valves and the hose to prevent any build-up from blocking the airflow.
Make sure to consult the manual before cleaning your air compressor for any manufacturer recommended cleaners and tips, for safe measures.
⦁ Storage
Proper storage can make a huge difference in your air compressor’s shelf life. Find a dry space with adequate ventilation where you can store your air compressor after every use. Any sort of moisture can cause issues within the machine’s inner workings so do be very picky when choosing the right spot.
⦁ Get to know your machine
It is always a good idea to get to know the machine you are working with. The manual is a good resource for everything you need to know about the machinery. Take the time to read the manual and understand what makes your air compressor tick. If you encounter any problems, make it a habit to consult the manual first before resorting to other resources.
⦁ Your compressor oil
Remember to make it a habit to switch the compressor oil after 100 hours of use. Make sure to use the manufacturer-recommended compressor oil when you do this as this ensures your machine works in optimum condition at all times.
⦁ Tighten all bolts
Take the time to look at your air compressor and inspect the bolts and fasteners that keep it together. Any bolt that is loose should be tightened right away to avoid incurring operational issues in the future.
Developing a proper maintenance routine for your air compressor can help you cut down on repair and replacement costs in the future. It is best to handle your air compressor with care, at all times. If you are unfamiliar with any of the methods mentioned above, make sure to get in touch with a professional.
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