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How Air Compressors Work

Air compressors steadily became common tools to have around manufacturing plants and even homes. This is due to their flexibility and the convenience they provide us when it comes to otherwise menial tasks.
Before they became such common additions, air compressors blew the world away with their innovative prowess. This centralized source turns any electrical energy into kinetic energy that powers tools of every kind.
Do you want to know more about air compressors and how they work? Read on the entry we made below and get to know what makes these powerful machineries such indispensable tools to have around the house.
In a Nutshell
Air compressors power tools by providing energy from air that is under pressure – basically. This is done by a series of reciprocating pistons that help decrease the air volume while increasing the pressure.
Air compressors are powered either by electricity or gas, depending on the model. Air compressors come with an air tank that stores in pressurized air while powering other tools.
The Mechanics of it All
An air compressor built with a single piston functionality operates with a valve head, connecting piston and rod, a crankshaft and a cylinder. Each compressor is built with a tank that regulates the pressurized air throughout operation.
Above the cylinder, you will find valve head that is basically metal flaps that creates a sort of vacuum as the piston goes down. When the piston goes up, the air is then pressurized. Each stroke allows more air in, increasing the amount of pressure in the entire machinery.
An Air Compressor For Every Job
Air compressors are built with different horsepower to serve different purposes. High-powered ones are reserved for larger tasks such as those for manufacturing plants and commercial properties.
There are models that are more suitable for homes that still pack a punch without blowing the roof off. Make sure to find an air compressor with the right built for your needs.
Let’s Talk Lubrication
These days, you might come across air compressors that say they are “oil-lubricated. What this means is there is a built in oil bath in between the gears that is separated by piston rings.
This can be problematic as this is not a fool proof built. The oil can mix in with the pressurized air – which can cause problems.
Air compressors that are built with “oil-free pumps” have permanently lubricated bearings that are relatively easier to maintain.
Hope we are able to give you an overview of how your air compressor works. Knowing how air compressors work can help you make the most out of them. An optimally running air compressor is a well-maintained air compressor. C.E.D Compressed Air Inc. has been providing preventive maintenance services clients since 1986. We provide off site monitoring and repair services that are geared to helping you save on energy and utilities. Get in touch with us by calling   905.839.7043
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