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Common Uses of Air Compressor You’ve Probably Never Thought Of

Everyone knows how vital air compressors are for business operations. Whenever you see or hear about them, you automatically think big factories, large industries, and such. Rarely does one put the words air compressor and fun in one sentence. In this blog though, we are going to show you that it is possible!


Here are some creative and fun uses for air compressors:


Airbrush Painting

If you are thinking of giving your motorbike, your car, or anything you want to airbrush for that matter, an air compressor is all you need. Well that, and a dose of creativity, of course.


Pressure Washing

If you haven’t tried pressure washing, you certainly must! Pressure washers are so effective and so fun. Plus, you’ll be finished cleaning your car and driveway in no time. You should be careful when you use it though. Never point it at people or even pets and definitely not when you are up a ladder.



Have you tried paintballing before? If so, you probably love (or hate) the force of the gun. Homemade guns can use small air compressors, similar to bicycle pumps for pressure. Just be careful when you make your own gun at home and more so when you use it!


Making Snow

We know. This is probably unnecessary, but just so others know, you could make your own snow if you missed one last Christmas!


Nailing Fast

This is a fact: People have been using pressurized air for nail guns since 1950. The purpose is to speed up house construction and it did so successfully at about 40 to 60 nails in a minute! How does it work? The pressure directly pushes onto the nail, driving it into the timber. Another way is by pushing a piston which then drives the nail. Both can be used on steelwork, concrete, and stone as well. They can be dangerous so take extra care if you decide to try it. Staple guns work the same way.


There you go. These are common tasks or activities that are simply made fun and easy by air compressors.

Unknown to many, most work tools just function more efficiently with air compression. Although newer tools run using electricity alone, they usually can’t sustain power long enough, or they overheat long before you even finish what you’re doing. So if you are ever thinking of doing any of these, you should definitely consider getting yourself a portable air compressor.

A man is cleaning wooden fence with electric power washer

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