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Breathe Easier – The Necessity of Breathing Air Systems

breathing system

There are many instances where breathing air purifiers are needed to protect employees.  These include chemical processing, hazardous waste handling, laboratory applications, sandblasting, spray painting, and more.  Regardless of situation, it’s important to remember that breath is life – there is nothing more immediately essential to our ongoing existence than having air to breathe.  When working in an industrial environment eliminating employees’ exposure to respiratory hazards is of paramount importance and to address that issue we at CED offer breathing air systems to provide and purify air in any facility that requires it.

An air compressor alone does not produce breathable air, as they can contain a variety of contaminants including dust, water, oil, and even dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.  A breathing air system reduces the concentration of contaminants for use in breathing.   This is done primarily through multiple filters to remove particulates, dryer or coalescer systems to remove humidity, and catalysts for removing carbon monoxide.

Some breathing air systems work through constant flow, providing a consistent stream of air directly through a worker’s respirator, minimizing outside contaminants in even the most toxic environments.  Other systems use demand flow, where a worker open and closes a valve on a tight fitting respirator to regulate their own breathing, and pressure demand, where amount of flow is dictated by the inhalation of the user.

Breathing air systems are a crucial part of any industrial environment with toxic or hazardous work. At CED we offer the best in breathing air systems.  For more information on how our breathing air systems work, and whether they’re right for you, contact us today.

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