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Hoses and tubing are very important in a compressed air system. These hoses and tubing, together with their disconnect couplings are used between pipes and compressor or end use application. However, because they just make up a small part of the system, not everyone gives them much attention. But choosing the wrong hoses, tubing and … Continue reading What You Should NEVER Do When Buying Hoses, Tubing, and Quick Disconnect Couplings

Hydraulic tubes, fittings and levers on control panel of lifting mechanism

For quite some time now, compressed air has been an important utility in the regular operations of most industrial businesses. Every company is very much aware of how much air compressors are needed. However, for some who are either new or unfamiliar with compressors, it could be challenging to choose the perfect one for their … Continue reading Rotary Screw vs. Piston Compressors – Which Will Serve You Better? Part 1

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Compressed air has been highly visible in the energy conservation industry and a lot of people have been calling it the most expensive utility, wasted energy, and more. This immense awareness has brought about a breed of professionals – compressed air auditors who perform complete air system reviews.   But what is an air energy … Continue reading What is Air Energy Auditing?

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